Agnieszka Kuciak
A Girl with Striped Eyes (Tygrysy)
This was a strange girl - the tigers jumped out of her. Huge and striped,
completely untamed. How did they fit in her - so small, so kind, so
delicate? However, he wedded her.

He thought: everybody has weaknesses. We will manage.

First they pretended these were cats. The milk in a saucer and stroking.

The whole house filled with their purring. They only wanted to bite off a
finger, never more. They drowned the first one in a pond, the second went
for a fur, the third - they lost in a forest, the fourth - the gave away to
a circus. They managed to encourage the fifth one toward a vegetarian diet,
and the sixth one even toward a muzzle. But the seventh one ate a guy in
galoshes and no more could they be taken for hoofed animals. The police came
to the house.

The beauty has teeth and terrifies. The beauty is untamable. The beauty
means life in terror. This is a striped misfortune.

The girl was closed in the ZOO. After all, we do not live in a jungle.

Translated by E. Chróściel

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