Kārlis Vērdiņ╣
Come to Me

I was bringing you a little cheese sandwich. It was two in the morning, everybody sleepy, shops closed but in the I Love You bar they gave me a little cheese sandwich.

I was in a taxi bringing you a little cheese sandwich ‘cause you were lying there sad, perhaps even ill, and there was nothing good to eat in the house. Was real expensive, around one lats, but that’s O.K.

So I was in the taxi with my little iluvu, all squished, practically cold. But for some reason I didn’t make it home. Somehow I ended up where all were merry and witty, and starving. So I drank, I sang, but I saved my little sandwich.

Must have been the third day when I could finally treat you to it, you were so angry, you ate the sandwich without even looking at it. Had I had more courage, I would have said: but you know I love you, you know I admire you. Don’t make me say it again.

Translated by Ieva Le╣inska
Kārlis Vērdiņ╣
fot. Marina Schukina

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