George Szirtes
Homage to Robert Frank

When I fell out of the car I tried to blow
through the waves to test the power of my lungs. I tried
to take deep breaths of the inky air but it was no go,

something had already sunk. There was darkness inside.
I could see the road up ahead beyond the bank and thought
it might be reached by a person if only I cried

loud and long enough and could stop feeling so overwrought,
but I had no trust in my temperament, nor in the circumstances.
It was America I was seeking, that I had long sought

and had failed to find and now I was losing her. The chances
were she was gone already beyond the lake
with her comforts, her liquid provinces.

George Szirtes
fot. archiwum autora

Selected Poems, OUP, 1996
The Budapest File, Bloodaxe 2000
English Apocalypse, Bloodaxe 2001
Metro, OUP, 1998
Reel, Bloodaxe, 2004

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