Tobiasz Melanowski
What's up with people who pull something out only when we visit?

And today? Still winter or might it be thawing?
This weather breakbeat is beginning to
drive us crazy. Because look:

you always wanted to be the little match-girl
or Queen Snowball, all that was left for me
was the part of Pinocchio (and it didn't help that I'm scared

of the sea and all sea creatures.)
And today? What fascinating plankton of sounds!
A grand piano? Don't think so. An upright? Probably,

though an upright can also take up too much space.
Our instruments are laid out, let's go on chatting,
but what's that? A snippet of truth indicates rain?

And there's no sign rain will be the end of it.
You say 'I think it's very casual'. Really? So winter
is better. At least you could be a snowball.

tłum. Alissa Zdena Valles
Tobiasz Melanowski
fot. Maria Tengowska

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